Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yogurt from Powdered Milk

The excitement of finding all these ways to use powdered milk seems to never end. I had a little bit of plain yogurt in the fridge from the beginning of last week and my kids LOVE yogurt. I thought I would give yogurt from powdered milk another try. I say another try because years ago I attempted it and it never, ever turned out. Well, true to form the first batch was disgusting. So curdled and gross. I am still not sure what happened. I watched some stuff on the internet and decided to try again with the very last yogurt that I had.
Now I have a yogurt maker but I did find video of how you can do it in your crock pot from Crystal Godfrey at Everday Food Storage.
So here is my take on it. I can't wait until I can go buy groceries again just to get some new starter.

Yogurt from Powdered Milk
2 3/4 C nonfat dry milk
2 qts water
1/2 C plain yogurt- make sure it says 'contains' live and active cultures otherwise it won't work

I mixed about 4 cups water and the powdered milk in my blender until it was completely incorporated. Then I put it a pan on the stove with the other water. Heat this to 180 degrees - I used a candy thermometer- and stir often so it doesn't scorch. After it reaches 180 remove it from the heat and let it set until it reaches about 110- 115 degrees. I put a lid on mine and went about my housework. It took about 2 hours to come down that far, but mine was also in a cast iron pan. A regular pan shouldn't take that long.
Take out 2 c warm milk and mix with 1/2 c plain yogurt. Then add it to the remaining milk. Put in a yogurt maker and let sit for 5-8 hours. Mine was completely set up in 5 hours and I am thinking next time I make it that I will check it at 4 hours to see how it is.

This makes an amazing parfait with a little honey, berries and granola. I used my maple granola to top it. A great way to start my day!


brossettelewis said...

I take it the box arrived.

I put mine in the snow to cool and use greek yogurt to was creamier.

Magical Mom said...

so did you use the yogurt maker or the crockpot method. I have never gotten mine to work either. What was the secret?

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