Monday, October 27, 2008

TWD: Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes

Here are the positive things:

*The batter was amazing! I could have just spooned the batter into my mouth until I was sick.

* The ganache that frosted them was great- chocolatey and yummy- My husband did spoon that into his mouth until he was sick!

* The kids loved them, although I am pretty convinced at this point that they will eat just about anything!

* They looked adorable- since I made them into really small cupcakes, which turned out to be a good thing. Why?

Here is the negative point:

*They were so incredibly dry that you had to have a drink to swallow them. If I had made them regular sized cupcakes we may have all choked to our deaths. The headline would read: Death by chocolate cupcake!

I don't know if it was something that I did wrong or that they were just dry. Maybe making them small made them dry out quicker....I have no idea. I think I will just stick to my regular chocolate chocolate cake recipe. It is amazingly moist and chocolatey.


Engineer Baker said...

Sad! Maybe you should have just eaten the batter as is :-P

HoneyB said...

The cupcake looks great...too bad it was dry! It still looks like they got eaten! :)

chocolatechic said...

I agree, the batter was wonderful.

Sorry yours was so dry.

Debbie said...

I'll remember the dryness... you weren't the only one who mentioned it. I'll also bring my grandson over tonight, he can be the taste tester.
your's look good tho!

Danielle said...

I had the same problem with them turning out dry so its just not you!

Barbara said...

Lots of folks had problems with them being dry.

I'd love to hear about your favorite chocolate cake or cupcake recipe -- still looking for the "ultimate" one myself.

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