Thursday, October 22, 2009


I am tossing around the idea of doing a raw experiment. I have been studying stuff about raw foods and am fascinated by the concept. I found this recipe over at In The Raw and tweeked it a little bit. Honestly, if this is how people who have raw food diets eat I can handle it. This stuff was SO incredibly good. I had 3 other family members taste it and they all agreed that it was really yummy. I might serve it at breakfast one day and see how they all eat it. As for me, I want to eat it all right now!

In a blender:
1 1/2 c 'raw', unsalted cashews
1 c water
1 t vanilla extract or a small bit of scraped vanilla bean
1/4 c agave nectar
1/2 t sea salt

In a food processor:
4 c frozen (or fresh) berries of any kind
3 T fresh lime juice (next time I will only use about 1/2 this amount- it was on the border of being too much- plus I don't like lime!)
then add what was in your blender to the food processor until it becomes smooth.

That's it! You can use it for a breakfast, snack or desert.


Stef and Bry said...

How did it taste?

Earth Mother said...

If this alone convinced you to give the raw lifestyle a try, I'm elated. Hooray for you!

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