Thursday, January 1, 2009

TWD: Linzer Sables- CATCH UP!

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, although it seems like I might have. Things got crazy in December because we moved. But I am back and trying to catch up with Dorie followers again.

Linzer Sables the Nutella way!

When I read the recipe for the sables I was excited to use hazelnuts in the dough and nutella as my filling. However the only hazelnuts I could find were in the shell and I don't have a nut cracker! So I did want any country girl would do and smashed the nuts with my husbands leatherman! LOL

It seemed to work fine.
The cookies went together really well and since the temps have been around -20 for several days I just set the dough out the back door for about 3 minutes after rolling it out and I had very chilled dough to work with. It made things go very quickly!
I loved how they turned out. The use of nutella makes a VERY hearty cookie. I could barely finish my one. So I tried one with jam and liked it even better. Fun cookie! And I really like how they look!

Go here to find the recipe from Noskos who was the great guy that picked it!

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