Friday, January 16, 2009

Portebello Muenster Panini

I can't believe that I have not posted this recipe yet. It is practically my favorite sandwich EVER!!!
One Sat. my husband and I with my sister and her husband went to Snow City Cafe in downtown Anchorage. It is a must if you ever come to Alaska. I ordered a portebello panini. What appeared on my plate was yummy morsels of goodness that I knew I had to re-create in my kitchen. So here you have it- and it costs a lot less to make than what I paid for it.

Portebello Muenster Panini
2 slices whole wheat bread
Basil pesto- about 1 T
1 slice muenster cheese- but I have also used mozzarella and it is amazing too!
1 medium portebello mushroom cap
8-10 slices of red, orange or green bell peppers

Toast the bread- and if you don't have a panini maker that is all you need to do with the bread. Grill the peppers and mushroom cap, making sure to cover the cap so that it releases some of it's juices and gets soft. Spread pesto on the bread and plcae the cheese on the bread. When the peppers and mushroom are done assemble and place the entire thing in the panini maker for a few minutes to melt the cheese. Enjoy!

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