Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fried Rice

I don't have a picture of this. It got eaten so quickly that there was no hope. I hope this will become a staple in our home. We always have left over rice so this is perfect.

Fried Rice

2 T sesame oil
1/2 C each celery, carrot, red, orange, yellow peppers, green onion
1 C chopped ham
abt 4 C rice, cooked
2 eggs, whisked
1/4 C soy sauce

In a frying pan heat the sesame oil and then saute the vegetables until cooked. Add the ham and rice mixing all of it together well. Create a well in the center of the rice mixture and add the eggs. Cook them, stirring often and then incorporate them in to the rice mixture. Add the soy sauce in and enjoy. It's really good as leftovers too!

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