Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Canning dry beans and Taco Bells Bean burritos

Years ago a lady in our ward, Inga, told us about canning dried beans. She even brought several bottles and some bean dip she had made from said beans. I remember thinking how badly I wanted to do that. Fast forward to now. I finally got around to it and actually had to message her and ask her to remind me how to do it. It was so easy and they turned out perfect.
Tomorrow I am going to attempt to do it with black beans. Today was pinto. Anyway, here is how it goes.

In quart jars put 1 C dried beans- you don't have to soak, boil or anything- and 1 tsp salt. Cover beans with boiling water and fill to within 1 in headspace. Put the prepared lids on and put in pressure canner for 80 minutes on 15lbs of pressure. I have an old school pressure cooker.

I let mine sit until the pressure was all gone and then took them out and opened a jar. They were perfect. Not mushy or hard! Bonus!!! And then I made Taco Bell's bean burritos for dinner and my picky eater ate three of them. THREE!!!!! We'll be doing this again!

Taco Bell's Bean Burritos
1 qt jar of pinto beans, mostly drained but leaving a little liquid
red enchilada sauce
mexican cheese blend
onion, minced (optional)

In your blender or food processor blend the beans with some of their liquid until smooth. Add enchilada sauce until you like the taste. Put a scoop of beans on the tortilla and cover with cheese. Roll up and enjoy. We left out the onions because of the picky eaters.


Janiece said...

Oh my goodness....
this is such an amazing recipe...and oh yes!!! I will be trying it ASAP!
Thank you for sharing.

Could I put it in our RS hand out?
Please let me know ...ASAP

Janiece said...

is there a place to "Follow" your blog?

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