Saturday, July 19, 2008

Yogurt dip w/ fruit

Blog surfing yesterday I found a recipe for fruit dip that sounded amazing. The lady talked about how it was true heaven and I knew I had to try it. For the life of me I can't remember where I got the recipe from because when I say I was blog surfing I was literally all over the place. So here is the recipe and it is really good. I tried it with strawberries and a banana, but would love to try it with blueberries.
Disclaimer: In no way, shape, or form is this meant to be a healthy recipe. Be aware that consumption may cause roadblocks to your healthy living habits!

Yogurt Dip for fruit
1 1/4 C heavy cream
1 1/2 C plain yogurt
1/2 C brown sugar

Whisk together the cream and yogurt until smooth. Sprinkle the brown sugar on top and DO NOT stir. Cover and place in the fridge for about an hour, allowing the brown sugar to soak into the cream mixture. Once it is done it will look really gross, like it is clumpy, don't freak! Just stir until smooth again and serve with your choice of fruit! It is super yummy!

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